Adding an external library or jarfile to Android Frameworks

Adding an existing library or jarfile to an Android application is easy enough, but what if you wish to add it into the frameworks themselves? This post covers how to do so with an existing jarfile, though it’s also very easy to do so with the source code of the library.


Experiences with Google Glass

In light of¬†Google Glass going on sale to the public¬†yesterday, I’ve decided to share some of my experiences with Glass over the past few months. My research group obtained several Glasses through the Explorer program, and we’ve put them through the ringer. While I realize that the Glass is a first release and isn’t meant to be a mainstream product, corporate moves like Google’s push to sell it to everyone have really demonstrated that Google thinks the product is good enough for the general public. After several months of using, hacking on, and developing for the Glass, I’m not impressed … and here’s why.